Amusing convo with the sis.

16:22, 27 May – Nina: I’m going to tell you a story so you’ll get lots of short messages fro me to make it easier to read
16:23, 27 May – Nina: Picture the scene: mum on her stepper. Daddy upstairs exercising, Nini ready for a walk
16:23, 27 May – Nina: Mummy: i feel bloated
16:24, 27 May – Nina: Nini: well, you didn’t have anyrhing bad yesterday did you?
16:24, 27 May – Joey: …
16:24, 27 May – Nina: Mummy: No, I was good yesterday
16:24, 27 May – Nina: Nini: what about Friday?
16:25, 27 May – Nina: Mummy: No (whilst unable to look at me)
16:25, 27 May – Nina: Nini: What? What did you have?
16:25, 27 May – Nina: Mummy: Nothing (still not looking at me)
16:26, 27 May – Nina: Nini clocks on to something that she thought she had made a mistake when seeing it in the bin
16:27, 27 May – Nina: Nini: A CHEESECAKE!! You ate a whole cheesecake that I like and didn’t save me any
16:28, 27 May – Nina: Mummy: It wasn’t even defrosted
16:28, 27 May – Joey: Hahahahahahahahahajahahahahahahahajahahahahahaha
16:28, 27 May – Nina: Nini gapes
16:28, 27 May – Nina: Mummy: What made it worse was I had to hide it when you came home fromt he Outlet!
16:29, 27 May – Nina: Mummy: Nigey. We’ve been caught!
16:29, 27 May – Nina: Pigs, I tell you.
16:30, 27 May – Joey: Piggies!!! Hahaha
16:31, 27 May – Nina: Tell her that 
16:31, 27 May – Nina: i told them they’d both turn into a cheesecake
16:31, 27 May – Joey: Hahahaha, they will lol
16:32, 27 May – Nina: Two cheesecakes for parents and a cupcake for a brother!


Last night in the Uk!

So for my last night I watched Mamma Mia with the family, minus pumpkin, whilst eating many many pastries and sugary filled treats! So all in all a great last night.
The luggage stands in the kitchen, waiting to be loading in the car, we will have to draw on our collective tetris skills to make it all fit.
All that’s left to do is charging my iPad and packing my hairbrush so I can look all respectable, ha!

Japan preparation

So, I finally have a job that has the potential to become a career! All it requires is relocating to Japan, a small price to pay methinks. So I have been running around like a crazy person (well, more so than usual) to prepare and ensure I complete all the steps needed to make this venture a success. Even going so far as to purchase ski gear and scuba regs! This could definitely turn out to be the adventure of a lifetime!
I’ll be sad to leave my family, but I think that this is worth it as it is a far better opportunity than any available in the UK. I mean, seriously, a degree is worth nothing here. At least in Japan it is viewed with respect and considered essential for anything other than a part time job.
Lucky for me I am not embarking on this journey alone. I shall have the company of an old school friend Lisa every step of the way. We also have our very own tour guide awaiting our arrival! His name is Kris, he is another University of Kent alumni and speaks Japanese. His experience and knowledge will definitely ease the transition.

Some of my favourite photos – the Firesky collection are unique.



Random Poem

When darkness falls, the morning light
Shines so bright.
When morning comes, the day has begun.
If a star goes out, loneliness approaches,
Use the moon as a guiding light.
It will hide the fears and dry the tears.
But the moon is just a reflection,
The sun is the light,
That brightens the night.
The shadow moon invites the darkness.
The stars will fight,
The light, will bright.

2 days oopsie

So missed a day again, bad times. Had an awesome afternoon yesterday watching xmen first class, which is, in my opinion, the best xmen film yet. The special effects were fantastic and the cast was perfect. I highly recommend that everyone should go and see it.
After a lovely pukka pie and chips dinner, I dragged Nina to the pool club to watch some mates in their tournament. Despite the other team being somewhat slow to decided each and every shot, it was a good night. I didn’t even have to pay for a taxi home, I really need to get insured on Ninas car so I can start repaying the favour and giving other people lifts home. So upon getting home at midnight I had a lovely lay in until nine am.
Today I had a relaxing morning job hunting and filling out job applications. The afternoon got even better, I went to the cinema with my dad and Alex to see pirates of the Caribbean for the second time, though this time I viewed it in 3d. I love this film, it far surpasses the second and third films and is probably as good as the first one. It is also just as good in 2d.
Watched the Truman show with dinner, such a funny film. When it first came out the idea of the show was laughed at, but in this day of reality shows it seems far more likely. Finished the sixth season of supernatural. What a cliffhanger! Fabulous two days really. *waves*.


Reunions and tattoos

Okay, so this entry is actually a day late, whoops. Anyway, yesterday I went to visit a lifelong friend, Kat, who I haven’t seen for about a year! We spent the first few hours reminiscing catching up whilst watching south park. Later on I chilled out, listening to music while she got her tattoo done. It was a continuation of a previous tattoo and looked awesome. After getting my hand squeezed for 1 1/2 hours we wandered to town to get a much need caffeine fix from Starbucks, woo! Then I was given a lift home, so all in all a fab day I think. Farewell.


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