Old Man Lester

The handle rattled as the trespassers tried to find a way in. They obviously assumed the occupant was an idiot. As if he’d leave the door unlocked.

He rolled his eyes.
They tried the living room window next, luckily he always secured the windows.
The group of four continued working their way around the perimeter of the house. He smirked as their grumblings increased. they were getting more and more frustrated at each failed attempt.
They’d completed a full lap of the house. He listened at the front door as they discussed giving up. The group seemed to be made up of two couples, Jack and Kate, and Darren and Sarah.
Sarah was clearly the ringleader. Declaring the others to be cowards for giving up so easily. Looking longingly at his cosy armchair by the fireplace with his favourite book sitting enticingly on the arm,. he really hoped they ignored her.
“We haven’t even checked for a way into the basement yet.”
Damn, he’d forgotten the basement.
He sighed in irritation as he heard a window smash. His book would have to wait.
Based on the noises coming from the basement, all four of the trespassers had decided to climb in through the window.
“Maybe we’ll bump into Old Man Lester.”
“Shut up Sarah. That’s not funny.” Snapped Jack.
Interesting. They knew his name.
He grinned. His plans for a cosy evening reading, forgotten.
Lester had work to do.

* * *

Kate nervously looked around the basement. She couldn’t believe she’d let Sarah bully her into this. Breaking into someone’s house was completely out of character for her. She never broke the rules.
Darren and Jack were investigating the basement.
They didn’t find anything of interest. The shelves were filled with junk. Old tools, rusted over time, tatty photo albums and other unidentifiable curiosities.
“Let’s explore the rest of the house.” Suggested Sarah.
Darren and Jack shared a glance. It was one thing to talk about breaking into Old Man Lester’s house, but now they were actually doing it, the doubt was settling in.
“I dont know, Sarah. We should probably leave before we get caught.”
Sarah laughed. “Don’t be such wimps. Come on!” She began climbing the stairs that led up to the ground floor.
Darren and Jack shared another look before following Sarah.
Kate sighed and trudged up behind them.
Maybe the door leading to the rest of the house would be locked, then they could leave. She sighed again as she heard the door creak open. Kate wished she was brave enough to stand up for herself and walk away.
The door opened into a large kitchen that looked like a time capsule from the 50s. Everything in there looked like it needed upgrading or replacing.
The group looked around. Kate was unimpressed. She couldn’t believe she was breaking the law for this.
Sarah was already bored of the unimpressive kitchen. She swiftly ushered the group out into the hallway. They still had the rest of the house to explore.
They walked into the next room. There was a cosy armchair overlooking the fireplace, a book resting on the arm.
“That’s weird. It looks like someone’s been here recently.” Kate agreed with Jack.
This was unexpected.
“We should go. Come on guys, we’ve been here long enough.”
“You’re such a coward.” Sarah sneered.
Jack stared at his shoes, avoiding Kate’s gaze.
“Whatever. I don’t care what you think. Im going home.” Kate headed back to the basement to climb back out the window.
Jack watched her go. A look of guilt spreading over his face. He shook it off as he turned to look at Darren. His friend had settled into the armchair
“Ugh Im bored. You guys go explore. I’ll wait here for you.”
Sarah had been looking at old photos on the wall.
“Alright then. Let’s go check out the rooms upstairs Jack. Maybe there’s something more interesting up there.”
Darren gave them a wave as they left the room. He then idly picked up the book next to him, flipping it open he began to read. He became so engrossed in the story, he failed to notice the figure sneaking up behind him. He did, however, notice the poker as it plunged through his chest.
Darren’s eyes briefly widened in surprise as he saw his attacker. He released a final breath of surprise then slumped down into the chair.
Well now, that didn’t exactly go to plan, but it was certainly entertaining. Lester chuckled to himself.

Sarah and Jack snuck into the first room they reached at the top of the stairs. It was a large bedroom. Against the far wall sat an impressive four poster bed, complete with curtains.
“I didn’t know people actually owned beds like this!” Exclaimed Jack. He went over to the bed to get a better look at it.
Sarah laughed at his awestruck expression, watching him as he played with the
Curtains. Growing restless, she left the room to continue exploring.
Jack soon lost interest in the bed, he attention moved onto the many doors in the room. Two of them opened into large closets. The third lead to an ensuite dominated by a claw foot bath tub in the centre of the room.
He was rudely interrupted by a blow to the back of his head. He must have briefly lost consciousness because he suddenly became aware that he was soaking wet and struggling to breath. Too late, Jack realised he was being held under the water in the bathtub. The blow to his head left him confused and disoriented. Leaving him unable to fight back. Catching a distorted glimpse of his attacker through the refracting water he gasped in shock. The water flooded his lungs. Stars appeared in his vision before everything went black.
Lester was delighted. This was the most fun he’d had in years.
* * *
Only one left now.
Sarah found herself in a library, it contained little to interest her except for a realistic suit of armour in the far corner. She wondered if it was genuine or just a replica, moving closer she realised it had a sword strapped to it’s waist.
Finally, this house had been so disapointing.
Until now. Sarah had been hoping for a trophy as proof of their adventure. She walked towards the sword to claim her prize. It was a shame she hadn’t noticed the crossbow mounted by the door. Sarah flinched as she felt something hit her in the back. She felt us though she’d been punched. odd, her shirt felt damp.
The ring leader glanced down. Her eyes widening in surprise at the arrow sticking out of her chest. Turning around to face her attacker, struggling to comprehend the sight in front of her.
“Kate?” Sarah collapsed to the floor.
Kate lowered the crossbow. That had been easier than she’d expected. Wiping down the crossbow as she had the polar, Kate left the room. Time to go home. So focused on her own activities, Kate hadn’t noticed the haze following her around the house.
Lester grinned as he watched the murderer climb out the basement window. Usually when intruders entered his home, he ensured that none of them left. However she had provided him with wonderful entertainment and allowed him to fully enjoy the experience, for once. He felt she deserved to leave unhindered.
Lester floated back upstairs to his armchair.
Glancing at his wall clock, he picked up his book. He still had a few hours left before the sun came up.
It was weeks before the bodies were found. Despite plenty of publicity, the case went nowhere. Unexplained deaths weren’t unusual at Old Man Lester’s place. Every few years a group of curious teenagers would learn about the haunted house, breaking in. They rarely walked back out.



He sat up straight.
The lights of the cafe had been turned off. He smiled. Soon he would see her again.

It had been a long while since he had last laid eyes on her. fidgeting in anticipation, the tired man leant forward. Peering towards the dark cafe.
The bell jingled as the door opened. A small group exited. The last of the group locking the door behind them. They exchanged their goodbyes and parted company. He gasped. There she was. He ran a gruff hand through his silver hair. Lit up by a street lamp, he got a clear view of her. She looked exactly the same. Her hair shimmering in the moonlight.
Soon they would be reunited
It had taken him so long to find her.
He was so close now.
He stood up, wincing. He’d forgotten he wasn’t a young man anymore.
Making sure to keep his distance, he set off after her. Taking advantage of the shadows to keep himself hidden.
He watched her as she walked up ahead, looking for any sign that she was aware of his presence.
She walked at a steady pace.
He followed her down doth twisting streets until she slowed down as they approached a small cottage at the end of a lane sparsely populated by houses.
He darted behind a tree partway down the lane as he watched her dig through her handbag for her key.
He was so close.
He missed her terribly.
The front door swung shut. A warm glow filled the cottage, spreading from room to room.
The man behind the tree took a deep breath. It was time: His waiting was almost over.
He crept towards the cottage. The hall light was still on. The men headed around the back.
The lock on the back door was ridiculously inadequate. It took less than a minute.
Cautiously he pushed open the door. A
darkened kitchen greeted him. He gently closed the door behind him.
A gas oven. Good. that would be useful.
A short time later, the man left the kitchen. He’s breathing slow and steady. Now that the moment had arrived, a Sense of calm enveloped him. Not long now.
There she was. In her bed.
The covers wrapped around her.
He smiled, looking forward to their reunion.
Reaching the bed he raised his arm, an object grasped tightly in his hand. As he moved towards the bed, the light from a street lamp outside briefly illuminating the item in his hand.
A knife.
His other hand reached out to pull back the quilt. He yanked it back.
Suddenly a flash of white hot pain spread across his back. He spasmed.
As his brain rushed to process the pain in his back, it also registered that under the quilt lay pillows. A child’s ruse.
“Did you really think I didn’t notice you following me? Feel you watching me?”
He grimaced as the silky voice spoke.
The man turned around to face her.
Her face lit up with recognition “You” she breathed. A smile
filling her face.
“I always hoped we’d meet again. It’s been years. I haven’t seen you since?”
“You killed the love of my life and stole her skin.”
The creature wearing his dead wife’s face laughed.
He shuddered. It was her laugh.
The monster had stolen his beloved’s laugh.
The man gasped as a tear ran down his cheek.

“So you came here for revenge?”
That laugh again. Her laugh.
He reached into his pocket.
Absentmindedly wondering where he’d put his knife. He must have dropped it.
Ah well. He didn’t need it. Not now.
He grasped the item, the cold surface a shock, a contrast to the burning pain in his back.
Lifting his head, he forced himself to look at this creature. The last image he wanted to see as he died would be his wife’s face.
“I’m coming my love.”
With a smile, he pulled the lighter from his pocket.
The creature’s face filled with understanding as it lunged towards him.
It wasn’t quick enough.
The explosion levelled the house and took out a few street lamps.
The rescue services found the charred remains of a male whilst searching the rubble. As well as, what appeared to be, a burnt pile of flesh.

A New Home

She put the box down with a thump. Wiping her forehead with the back of her hand.
The last of her belongings.
Of all the days for her to move in, of course the bloody lift would be broken.
She glanced at her mifit, well, at least she’d reached her step count.
The young woman shut the front door and surveyed her new home.
Right, first things first, a drink. Having spent the last two hours carrying all of her belongings up eight flights of stairs, she was thoroughly dehydrated.
The man with the van declined to help with the carrying, and he charged by the hour.
Now, which box were the glasses in?
Ah, yes. The one labelled crockery in clear, black marker. Good job past me.
Removing a box cutter from her back pocket, she sliced through the packing tape.
Having recovered a glass, she filled it from the kitchen tap and took a refreshing sip. Which soon turned into great gulps.
Much better.
Bzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzz
“Shit, where’s that bloody phone?” following the buzzing sound, she found
it in her backpack.
Turning on her headphones, the young woman answered the call.
“Hello sweetheart, it’s Mum.”
Eye rolling. “Yes, I know Mum, I’m somewhat familiar with your voice”
“Ha, ha, very funny Gwen. Look, I just called to see how moving day was going. Sorry again I couldn’t be there.”,
“It’s fine, I’ve carried all the boxes up, just the unpacking left now.”
“You’ve not even unpacked yet? What have you been doing? I see your time management skills haven’t improved.”
“Right, well I did have to do it by myself Mum. Anyway got to go. Don’t want to fall behind schedule. Bye Mum.”
“Oh, bye Sweet…”
Gwen rolled her eyes again taking great pleasure in ending the call.
She opened her music playlist, selected ‘Hamilton’ then got to work.

* * *

Which a large sigh, Gwen sat down on her sofa, glass of wine in hand.
Everything was unpacked and put away in its new home.
Finally. She had a home. It wasn’t grand, or even particularly large, but it was hers.

Or so she thought.

* * *

Gwen woke up suddenly. The room was pitch black. She blinked blearily. Her eyes slowly adjusting to the lack of light.
She could soon make out the dark shape of her television, and the doorway to her bedroom.
As the fog of sleep cleared, Gwen became aware of a faint scratching
She groped for the chain on her corner lamp, relieved for the dim glow of the energy saving bulb.
Gwen paused. Gathering her bearings.
She must have fallen asleep on the sofa.
The clock on the wall told her it was 1am. What had woken her?
Oh, right. The scratching. It seemed to be coming for her bedroom. Probably a tree branch on the window.
Well she may as well head in there anyway. Her bed was definitely preferable to the sofa.
Gwen turned on her bedroom light, intending to then switch off the lamp. However something caught her eye.
Her jewelry mirror.
There was…something odd about the reflection.
She laughed at herself and rubbed her eyes. Clearly some part of her brain was still asleep.
Turning around to get ready for bed, Gwen paused. The scratching was back. Funny, she hadn’t even noticed it had stopped.
Wait, it wasn’t coming from the window. It, bizarrely, seemed to be originating from her mirror.
Even took a deep breath and turned back around, towards the sound.
She looked at the mirror, and saw, herself. Instead of turning back to her bed, Gwen continued looking at her reflection. Something was off, but she couldn’t put her finger on it.
Holding up her hand, Gwen waved at her reflection. Unsurprisingly it mimicked her action. She released a nervous giggle. This was ridiculous.
Dropping her hand to her side Gwen shrugged. She really needed to sleep. Changing into her pyjamas, Gwen settled into bed.
As she reached up to turn off the light, Gwen came to a terrifying realisation.
Her reflection.
It was still waving. A large grin on its face.


I don’t understand the people of this world anymore. Every time I log into social media, I read about the cruelty and selfishness of people. People in power taking away basic rights such as healthcare just to spite the opposition. Veterans being left homeless because the country they choose to fight for, sacrifice for, abandons them when they are no longer useful. Politicians increasing taxes for the poor and implementing loopholes for the rich. They no longer represent their voters, their people. All they care about is keeping their rich friends rich. They no longer care about the people they are supposed to represent. They take pride in their greed, openly flaunt it. They no longer hide their unjust laws between the pages of other laws. 

They are proud of their self serving natures. 

The poor become poorer, whilst the rich become richer. Equality is a thing of the past. Lost in history. The gaps between the classes is ever widening. People can no longer afford to raise children, even with two members of the household working full time. You’re lucky if you can afford to purchase a place to live. If you can’t, you live at the mercy of a landlord. Your money disappearing into a bottomless bucket every month. Unable to save any money to put towards a place of your own.

All whilst the wealthy leave their seconds homes empty for the majority of the year. What a waste.

Amusing convo with the sis.

16:22, 27 May – Nina: I’m going to tell you a story so you’ll get lots of short messages fro me to make it easier to read
16:23, 27 May – Nina: Picture the scene: mum on her stepper. Daddy upstairs exercising, Nini ready for a walk
16:23, 27 May – Nina: Mummy: i feel bloated
16:24, 27 May – Nina: Nini: well, you didn’t have anyrhing bad yesterday did you?
16:24, 27 May – Joey: …
16:24, 27 May – Nina: Mummy: No, I was good yesterday
16:24, 27 May – Nina: Nini: what about Friday?
16:25, 27 May – Nina: Mummy: No (whilst unable to look at me)
16:25, 27 May – Nina: Nini: What? What did you have?
16:25, 27 May – Nina: Mummy: Nothing (still not looking at me)
16:26, 27 May – Nina: Nini clocks on to something that she thought she had made a mistake when seeing it in the bin
16:27, 27 May – Nina: Nini: A CHEESECAKE!! You ate a whole cheesecake that I like and didn’t save me any
16:28, 27 May – Nina: Mummy: It wasn’t even defrosted
16:28, 27 May – Joey: Hahahahahahahahahajahahahahahahahajahahahahahaha
16:28, 27 May – Nina: Nini gapes
16:28, 27 May – Nina: Mummy: What made it worse was I had to hide it when you came home fromt he Outlet!
16:29, 27 May – Nina: Mummy: Nigey. We’ve been caught!
16:29, 27 May – Nina: Pigs, I tell you.
16:30, 27 May – Joey: Piggies!!! Hahaha
16:31, 27 May – Nina: Tell her that 
16:31, 27 May – Nina: i told them they’d both turn into a cheesecake
16:31, 27 May – Joey: Hahahaha, they will lol
16:32, 27 May – Nina: Two cheesecakes for parents and a cupcake for a brother!

Last night in the Uk!

So for my last night I watched Mamma Mia with the family, minus pumpkin, whilst eating many many pastries and sugary filled treats! So all in all a great last night.
The luggage stands in the kitchen, waiting to be loading in the car, we will have to draw on our collective tetris skills to make it all fit.
All that’s left to do is charging my iPad and packing my hairbrush so I can look all respectable, ha!

Japan preparation

So, I finally have a job that has the potential to become a career! All it requires is relocating to Japan, a small price to pay methinks. So I have been running around like a crazy person (well, more so than usual) to prepare and ensure I complete all the steps needed to make this venture a success. Even going so far as to purchase ski gear and scuba regs! This could definitely turn out to be the adventure of a lifetime!
I’ll be sad to leave my family, but I think that this is worth it as it is a far better opportunity than any available in the UK. I mean, seriously, a degree is worth nothing here. At least in Japan it is viewed with respect and considered essential for anything other than a part time job.
Lucky for me I am not embarking on this journey alone. I shall have the company of an old school friend Lisa every step of the way. We also have our very own tour guide awaiting our arrival! His name is Kris, he is another University of Kent alumni and speaks Japanese. His experience and knowledge will definitely ease the transition.

Some of my favourite photos – the Firesky collection are unique.



Random Poem

When darkness falls, the morning light
Shines so bright.
When morning comes, the day has begun.
If a star goes out, loneliness approaches,
Use the moon as a guiding light.
It will hide the fears and dry the tears.
But the moon is just a reflection,
The sun is the light,
That brightens the night.
The shadow moon invites the darkness.
The stars will fight,
The light, will bright.

2 days oopsie

So missed a day again, bad times. Had an awesome afternoon yesterday watching xmen first class, which is, in my opinion, the best xmen film yet. The special effects were fantastic and the cast was perfect. I highly recommend that everyone should go and see it.
After a lovely pukka pie and chips dinner, I dragged Nina to the pool club to watch some mates in their tournament. Despite the other team being somewhat slow to decided each and every shot, it was a good night. I didn’t even have to pay for a taxi home, I really need to get insured on Ninas car so I can start repaying the favour and giving other people lifts home. So upon getting home at midnight I had a lovely lay in until nine am.
Today I had a relaxing morning job hunting and filling out job applications. The afternoon got even better, I went to the cinema with my dad and Alex to see pirates of the Caribbean for the second time, though this time I viewed it in 3d. I love this film, it far surpasses the second and third films and is probably as good as the first one. It is also just as good in 2d.
Watched the Truman show with dinner, such a funny film. When it first came out the idea of the show was laughed at, but in this day of reality shows it seems far more likely. Finished the sixth season of supernatural. What a cliffhanger! Fabulous two days really. *waves*.


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