2 days oopsie

So missed a day again, bad times. Had an awesome afternoon yesterday watching xmen first class, which is, in my opinion, the best xmen film yet. The special effects were fantastic and the cast was perfect. I highly recommend that everyone should go and see it.
After a lovely pukka pie and chips dinner, I dragged Nina to the pool club to watch some mates in their tournament. Despite the other team being somewhat slow to decided each and every shot, it was a good night. I didn’t even have to pay for a taxi home, I really need to get insured on Ninas car so I can start repaying the favour and giving other people lifts home. So upon getting home at midnight I had a lovely lay in until nine am.
Today I had a relaxing morning job hunting and filling out job applications. The afternoon got even better, I went to the cinema with my dad and Alex to see pirates of the Caribbean for the second time, though this time I viewed it in 3d. I love this film, it far surpasses the second and third films and is probably as good as the first one. It is also just as good in 2d.
Watched the Truman show with dinner, such a funny film. When it first came out the idea of the show was laughed at, but in this day of reality shows it seems far more likely. Finished the sixth season of supernatural. What a cliffhanger! Fabulous two days really. *waves*.


Reunions and tattoos

Okay, so this entry is actually a day late, whoops. Anyway, yesterday I went to visit a lifelong friend, Kat, who I haven’t seen for about a year! We spent the first few hours reminiscing catching up whilst watching south park. Later on I chilled out, listening to music while she got her tattoo done. It was a continuation of a previous tattoo and looked awesome. After getting my hand squeezed for 1 1/2 hours we wandered to town to get a much need caffeine fix from Starbucks, woo! Then I was given a lift home, so all in all a fab day I think. Farewell.



Woke up feeling much better than I have in days, still slightly itchy eyes. Had a productive morning writing more short stories whilst my family cleared out the house for an hour. Went to see a film with Nina, hangover 2 is fantastic, not as good as the first one but just as funny. Arrived home and wrote some more. I’ve decided to attempt a novel. As I’ve only written short stories so far, it should present a challenge. Had a perfect stir fry for dinner, cooked by my mum and watched the doctor who from yesterday. It was amazing, I did not expect River Song to be…nah, I won’t give that part away. Settling down with a muller yoghurt now, so au revior.



So, despite not getting to sleep until stupid o’clock in the morning, my subconscious decided to wake me up before seven am. Unable to go back to sleep, grrrrr, I stuck bones in my tv and had it playing in the background whilst working on one of my short stories. Felt funny though and I kept shivering, which I’m told is odd in this heat. As a result I stayed wrapped up in bed until eleven. I worked on my stories for a few hours then wandered downstairs to get a lift to specsavers. Upon seeing my shivering in my hoody my daddy made me take my temperature, think he was a bit concerned since the rest of my family were in shorts/skirts/vests/etc…, sunbathing. Turns out my temp was 36 degrees. According to the well of useless and random information, Nina, your average body temperature should be 36-37.5. Ah well. Went to sight test and lens check while Nina wandered the town. After collecting me she informed me she had been told to bring me straight home as my mummy suspected I had sunstroke (I suspect google was involved in the diagnosis process). So I have spent the rest of my day in bed writing and listening to Patty Griffin. Still shivering. Farewell for now.


Noisy neighbours.

Gaia knows I have no issues with hanging out in the garden with tunes playing, but seriously? Singing along to crappy songs at the top of your lungs is just rude. Especially when a lil Jojo needs her sleep. Also keep your personal arguments, well, personal. The whole neighbourhood doesn’t need to know that your boyfriend as been flirting with his colleagues. My have to pay the Glee sound tracks at full last in the garden tomorrow as payback. So instead of sleeping, I’m writing and paying mahjong. Tempted o start throwing eggs. Hmm maybe it’s time to attempt to sleep again. Nighty night (I hope), sweet dreams.


This is what happens…


Yes. Yes you did. Pay attention.

Oh. It’s a good thing I’ve got you to keep an eye on me. 😮

Yupsie. How safe do ya feel? Heehee xxx

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs for the hills with her hands in the air*

Thanks :-p *pursues Nina with her army of minions* xxx

Help *runs away from Joey and her minions towards her evil partner in crime*

*tackle Nina and partner whilst minions point and laugh* xxx

*squirts citric acid juice out her hands into Joeys eye*

Ahhhhh *clutches eye and urges minions to doggy pile Nina* xxx

*jumps away and throws oranges at lunging minions whilst Lime Boy throws limes at minions*

*minions whip out cocktail mixers and make good use of the citrus* xxx

Oh no *Orange Girl and Lime Boy try to recruit the minions as bar staf for…The Bar Of Evil*

*minions refuse. Preferring to work at Jojos* xxx

*Lime Boy and Orange Girl kick minions, showering them with citric juice then run off to kill some Mancs*

*minions recruit Mancs and Scousers* xxx

Orange Girl and Lime Boy take a break and rob Millies Cookies while coming up with new and inventive ways to kill the Mancs*

*minions and new recruits attack Lemon and Lime whilst they are incapacitated by cookie fatness*

Ahhhhh *Lemon and Lime attempt to throw cookies and muffins at minions and new recruits*

*laughs maniacally*

*Lemon and Lime produce their namesakes and launch them out of hat cannons*

Minions put on hat umbrellas and throw pineapples* xxx

*Lemon and Lime put up a protective shield of cookies and muffins and use a bat made of coffee stirrers to beat the pineapples back*

*recruits break down wall. Minions swarm* xxx

…when two sisterS message each other, one insanely bored, the other suffering from too much sun. Good times. Ta ta.


Sick day.

I was awoken again today, before my alarm, with a sneezing fit. Only, now, a sore, dry throat had decided to join the party. And my hay fever decided to overpower my antihistamines! A terrible start to the day.
Rubbing my eyes continuously I took my, apparently useless, antihistamine, and got all dressed and ready for the day. Feeling awful I was dragged for a long walk with my mum, then to tescos to do more food shopping, mainly for things alex (lil bro) had claimed we had run out of but really just stuff he was too lazy to look for. My nan had come over for a visit so we sat outside with her, me sneezing all the while. Had to got to the job centre to sign on, eurgh, I need a job, having a month off is all well and good but it tends to get a bit monotonous after the first fortnight. My nan brought over her usual reading material, trashy magazines that you can read whilst your brain takes a well deserved rest. Still lugging a box of tissues round with me. 
After accompanying my dad to take my nan back to her flat I went and curled up on my bed with tissues and pjs. Had yummy meatballs and sghetti for tea then sent Alex to tescos for our chocolate fix. He’s very well trained…sometimes. Watched bones, another moving episode, though this one made me cry for the opposite reasons, sad times. Ciao.


A cold in the sunshine.

Woke up way before my alarm this morning, never a good sign, so instead of waking up to ‘the way you are’ by the talented Bruno Mars, I woke up to a twenty minute sneezing fit. Almost falling tragically down the stairs. But luckily my perfect balance, honed by my five months on the Pacific Jewel, I was able to save myself. Popping my head in the study to say ‘morning’ to my exercise luving mum, she told me instead of our highly anticipated family trip to lakeside shopping centre we were instead going to bluewater, it’s more expensive cousin. As I’ve never actually been there I wasn’t overly bothered, unfortunately my big sis had backed out, disliking bluewater fervently. The plan was to leave at twelve. So after showering, interspersed with sneezing fits, I went for a long walk in the sunshine with my mum. We reminisced about our childhoods and the time my dad put me and Nina (big sis) to bed without dinner because he assumed my mum had fed us before leaving for her night shift, our youthful and hungry protests fulling on deaf ears. When we got to the tesco turnoff my mum walked home to wait for my dad to return from his interview whilst I went to buy my lil bro a bag of maoams as a thank you for saving my playlist.
Upon arriving home I was surprised to find my dad wasn’t back yet, so our blue water trip was postponed. Instead I spent a relaxing afternoon reading in the sunshine…and sneezing, couldn’t leave the house as I would have had to carry a mega pack of kleenex around with me. I finished ‘the red queen,’ a fabulous book which I thoroughly enjoyed. I went indoors after noticing the rosie tinge of my skin, luckily not quite burnt, and did some more job hunting. Had a yummy papa johns for dinner whilst watching the stunning Jensen Ackles in Supernatural. Now happily sitting in my room. Still sneezing.


Chef Jojo

Woo! Shepherds pie was a roaring success, unfortunately I’ve set the bar. Let’s hope I can continue hitting it. Luving the latest season of supernatural, sammy without his souls a bit promiscuous. Now chilling watching bones. Also totally hoping those heartless care workers in Bristol get what they deserve! Abusing those who can’t defend themselves is sickening, karma will defo hit down on them! Rant over, nighty night.


Shepherds pie

Hiya, today was my turn to prepare the family dinner, keep in mind I haven’t actually cooked anything beyond noodles in over 6 months. So, obviously, it was a task I approached with great trepidation. Thus my chosen dish for the night…SHEPHERDS PIE! Simple yet satisfying 😉 So after an invigorating hour long walk around the estate, during which my sis was charged down by a large black cat, I went to my local tescos to hand pick my ingredients. After a harrowing experience which gave me a few grey hairs, I left, successful, victorious. After a well earned 3 hours sunbathing and enjoying Philipa Gregorys ‘The Red Queen’ I job-hunted some more, finding an appealing editing job with Saga, fingers crossed. Then began the dinner. While hacking the carrots to pieces I was joined by my mum, who, rightly so, figured if she peeled and chopped the potatoes for me, we would be more likely to eat before midnight. Less than ten minutes later the mince was simmering happily on the stove, whilst the potatoes were slowly boiling. The only hiccup came when pouring the mince into a dish, the dish violently attacked me, leaving my favourite white hoody covered in red splatters. I was not a happy Jojo. My dad came to the rescue by offering to mesh the potato, being the official potato masher in my family, so that I could cot my beloved hoody in vanish. The shepherds pie is now peacefully sitting in the oven. Stay tuned for the conclusion of my tale.