2 days oopsie

So missed a day again, bad times. Had an awesome afternoon yesterday watching xmen first class, which is, in my opinion, the best xmen film yet. The special effects were fantastic and the cast was perfect. I highly recommend that everyone should go and see it.
After a lovely pukka pie and chips dinner, I dragged Nina to the pool club to watch some mates in their tournament. Despite the other team being somewhat slow to decided each and every shot, it was a good night. I didn’t even have to pay for a taxi home, I really need to get insured on Ninas car so I can start repaying the favour and giving other people lifts home. So upon getting home at midnight I had a lovely lay in until nine am.
Today I had a relaxing morning job hunting and filling out job applications. The afternoon got even better, I went to the cinema with my dad and Alex to see pirates of the Caribbean for the second time, though this time I viewed it in 3d. I love this film, it far surpasses the second and third films and is probably as good as the first one. It is also just as good in 2d.
Watched the Truman show with dinner, such a funny film. When it first came out the idea of the show was laughed at, but in this day of reality shows it seems far more likely. Finished the sixth season of supernatural. What a cliffhanger! Fabulous two days really. *waves*.


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