I don’t understand the people of this world anymore. Every time I log into social media, I read about the cruelty and selfishness of people. People in power taking away basic rights such as healthcare just to spite the opposition. Veterans being left homeless because the country they choose to fight for, sacrifice for, abandons them when they are no longer useful. Politicians increasing taxes for the poor and implementing loopholes for the rich. They no longer represent their voters, their people. All they care about is keeping their rich friends rich. They no longer care about the people they are supposed to represent. They take pride in their greed, openly flaunt it. They no longer hide their unjust laws between the pages of other laws. 

They are proud of their self serving natures. 

The poor become poorer, whilst the rich become richer. Equality is a thing of the past. Lost in history. The gaps between the classes is ever widening. People can no longer afford to raise children, even with two members of the household working full time. You’re lucky if you can afford to purchase a place to live. If you can’t, you live at the mercy of a landlord. Your money disappearing into a bottomless bucket every month. Unable to save any money to put towards a place of your own.

All whilst the wealthy leave their seconds homes empty for the majority of the year. What a waste.