A New Home

She put the box down with a thump. Wiping her forehead with the back of her hand.
The last of her belongings.
Of all the days for her to move in, of course the bloody lift would be broken.
She glanced at her mifit, well, at least she’d reached her step count.
The young woman shut the front door and surveyed her new home.
Right, first things first, a drink. Having spent the last two hours carrying all of her belongings up eight flights of stairs, she was thoroughly dehydrated.
The man with the van declined to help with the carrying, and he charged by the hour.
Now, which box were the glasses in?
Ah, yes. The one labelled crockery in clear, black marker. Good job past me.
Removing a box cutter from her back pocket, she sliced through the packing tape.
Having recovered a glass, she filled it from the kitchen tap and took a refreshing sip. Which soon turned into great gulps.
Much better.
Bzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzz
“Shit, where’s that bloody phone?” following the buzzing sound, she found
it in her backpack.
Turning on her headphones, the young woman answered the call.
“Hello sweetheart, it’s Mum.”
Eye rolling. “Yes, I know Mum, I’m somewhat familiar with your voice”
“Ha, ha, very funny Gwen. Look, I just called to see how moving day was going. Sorry again I couldn’t be there.”,
“It’s fine, I’ve carried all the boxes up, just the unpacking left now.”
“You’ve not even unpacked yet? What have you been doing? I see your time management skills haven’t improved.”
“Right, well I did have to do it by myself Mum. Anyway got to go. Don’t want to fall behind schedule. Bye Mum.”
“Oh, bye Sweet…”
Gwen rolled her eyes again taking great pleasure in ending the call.
She opened her music playlist, selected ‘Hamilton’ then got to work.

* * *

Which a large sigh, Gwen sat down on her sofa, glass of wine in hand.
Everything was unpacked and put away in its new home.
Finally. She had a home. It wasn’t grand, or even particularly large, but it was hers.

Or so she thought.

* * *

Gwen woke up suddenly. The room was pitch black. She blinked blearily. Her eyes slowly adjusting to the lack of light.
She could soon make out the dark shape of her television, and the doorway to her bedroom.
As the fog of sleep cleared, Gwen became aware of a faint scratching
She groped for the chain on her corner lamp, relieved for the dim glow of the energy saving bulb.
Gwen paused. Gathering her bearings.
She must have fallen asleep on the sofa.
The clock on the wall told her it was 1am. What had woken her?
Oh, right. The scratching. It seemed to be coming for her bedroom. Probably a tree branch on the window.
Well she may as well head in there anyway. Her bed was definitely preferable to the sofa.
Gwen turned on her bedroom light, intending to then switch off the lamp. However something caught her eye.
Her jewelry mirror.
There was…something odd about the reflection.
She laughed at herself and rubbed her eyes. Clearly some part of her brain was still asleep.
Turning around to get ready for bed, Gwen paused. The scratching was back. Funny, she hadn’t even noticed it had stopped.
Wait, it wasn’t coming from the window. It, bizarrely, seemed to be originating from her mirror.
Even took a deep breath and turned back around, towards the sound.
She looked at the mirror, and saw, herself. Instead of turning back to her bed, Gwen continued looking at her reflection. Something was off, but she couldn’t put her finger on it.
Holding up her hand, Gwen waved at her reflection. Unsurprisingly it mimicked her action. She released a nervous giggle. This was ridiculous.
Dropping her hand to her side Gwen shrugged. She really needed to sleep. Changing into her pyjamas, Gwen settled into bed.
As she reached up to turn off the light, Gwen came to a terrifying realisation.
Her reflection.
It was still waving. A large grin on its face.